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Check with your travel agent as many airlines offer charter services to both Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo during the high season.

The most direct route is to fly to Manzanillo Airport (ZLO). Manzanillo Airport is approximately 45 minutes south of La Manzanilla. You can rent a car at the airport from many of the well-known US car rental companies. The rentals are on-site at the airport and reservations are recommended. Alternatively you can take a taxi from the airport. Taxis are approximately $50 USD each way and there are plenty of taxis available as you exit the airport. There is no direct bus service from the airport to La Manzanilla.

Airlines serving Manzanillo Airport (ZLO)- Regular service is only offered during the high season, November-March. Check with your travel agent for scheduled charter flight services from your area.

Alternatively, you can fly to Puerto Vallarta and rent a car or take a bus 3 ½ hours south along the well-maintained Hwy 200. The road between Puerto Vallarta and La Manzanilla is good but narrow and curvy. If your flight arrives in the evening, plan to stay in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta and leave the next morning. It’s best to avoid highway driving at night.