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Shopping in La Manzanilla

La Manzanilla Friday MarketYou can find everything you need while shopping in La Manzanilla. During the high season, November- March, Friday is market day. It’s not to be missed! You’ll find fresh fruits and organic products along with vendors selling everything from swimming suits to handcrafted pottery and jewelry to DVD’s and sink stoppers! There are tons of used clothes and it’s a favorite Friday pastime to browse the clothes. It’s a nice way to spend the morning. Who knows…maybe you’ll find a treasure you simply can’t live without.

There are several small shops to find beach toys, bathing suits, cover-ups and other necessities for enjoying a beach vacation. Most are located at the north end of town just as you make the left at the mangrove and head parallel to the beach.

La Manzanilla also has a couple pharmacy’s to purchase sunscreen, medications and be treated for minor aliments.

There are also ample opportunities to buy hammocks, jewelry, handicrafts and other items from beach vendors. Pricing is usually not marked on items for sale in the Friday market or on the beach. These vendors expect that you will negotiate on pricing, they start high.  Please be mindful that this is what they do for a living and in the big picture, while haggling is fun and part of the experience, a few pesos isn’t going to save you that much.  Enjoy it but don’t take it too seriously. 

La Manzanilla grocery stores on the other hand, have set pricing and even though items may not be marked, haggling is not part of the experience.