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Getting Here

La Manzanilla MexicoLa Manzanilla Mexico is located on the pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Jalisco, approximately a 3½ hour drive south of Puerto Vallarta or a 45 minute drive north of the Manzanillo Airport.

Once you’ve found the perfect La Manzanilla vacation rental it’s time to start planning the best way to get here!

As you exit off the Coastal Highway 200 at KM marker 13 and head down toward the beach, you’ll pass several houses, small tiendas (grocery stores), lavandería, and the secondary school. As you come to the end of the road, turn left and head to the main square in La Manzanilla Mexico. You are now on the main road into town, Maria Asunción. It parallels the water and will take you through the center of town to a large plaza (the Jardín) and a church.

There is regular regional bus and local bus service to  La Manzanilla.

La Manzanilla offers the visitor a glimpse of life in a Mexican fishing village.  Not all the streets are paved, there is no bank or chain restaurants or chain hotels in town.  During the winter evenings the Jardín comes alive with taco stands, vendors catering to kids, music and more.

People come to the La Manzanilla to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach, kayak and SUP, fish, explore the mangrove and get a taste of life in a Mexican village.

The village offers plenty of restaurant options and you’ll find fresh seafood prepared in a variety of ways.  The street food is also exceptional and you would be remiss if you didn’t try some of the many pop-up stands.