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  • Bambu Sunset Bar

    Bambu Sunset Bar

    Remodeled and under new ownership in 2015, this is a lovely spot to enjoy an afternoon beverage and bask in the sunset. This is the quintessential tropical paradise beach bar. Located on the beach and complete with a palapa roof,... Read more »
  • Cenaduria Mi Juan

    Cenaduria Mi Juan

    This little pop up restaurant is a true jewel in La Manzanilla. It’s located at across the street from the church It’s ONLY OPEN ON WEEKENDS, so plan accordingly because if you miss the opportunity to dine here you’ll be... Read more »
  • La Playa Restaurant

    La Playa Restaurant

    Lovely beach location, great cooking staff, bright and clean, this is wonderful place to enjoy a meal. Rosaura’s mother is the lead cook, she had her own very popular restaurant for many years. This location is much better and she... Read more »
  • Café Risa

    Café Risa

    Welcome to Café Risa, the freshest little restaurant on the Costa Alegre. We serve breakfast & lunch. Our menu has many fresh and tasty items made daily, like our popular whole-grain cinnamon rolls, fruit and bran muffins, loaf bread, organic... Read more »
  • Palapa Joe’s

    Palapa Joe’s

    Palapa Joe’s is a La Manzanilla staple and landmark! Spacious palapa, friendly staff and an strong menu make this a favorite hangout! Staples include the Jane Burger- a bacon and blue cheese burger with crispy fries, thin crust pizza’s and... Read more »