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Recycling News That You Can Use – January 2020

La Manzanilla recycling program!

Welcome back regular visitors from the north, and newbies!

Thanks to La Huerta municipality we now have a dedicated vehicle for curbside recycling pickup. This large truck with separate bins for recyclable materials makes the rounds at regular trash pick up locations. If you would like to participate in curbside pick up, please put recyclable materials in a reusable container next to your trash. Please do NOT use a plastic bag, which is not recyclable, makes extra work for Las Hormigas workers and volunteers, and adds to landfill waste. 

Las Hormigas (The Ants) recycle site, located behind the Primary School on Playa Dorado, is open 24/7 to receive approved materials (you can find the list below). This list has been confirmed with the buyer, Recicladora Tenacatita, in Aguas Calientes Viejo.  If you visit the site you will see the huge amount of cardboard and plastic that is generated by our small village. Pickup occurs on a more or less regular basis, but recycling is truly the last resort in removing these materials from our waste stream. Please help keep things tidy by not leaving any non-recyclable trash at Las Hormigas.


Mixed Plastic: all plastic that contained water, soda, milk, juice, yogurt and other dairy products, and cleaning products 

Hard Plastic: plastic chairs, crates, and buckets, plastic bottle caps  

Cardboard and mixed paper: cardboard, paperboard, books, magazines, paper towel rolls, etc. 

Aluminum cans 

Mixed metal (Chatarra) (SEPARATE from aluminum): tin, bottle caps, pet food cans, etc. 

Batteries – car, household 


Plastic bottles used for cooking oil 
Large “Garrafon” water bottles  
Plastic bags of any shape or size!! 
Plastic carryout containers
Aluminum foil 
Egg cartons/crates 
Waxy containers, “Tetrapaks” (Jumex, coconut milk, almond milk, juice boxes) 
Boxed wine 

Other Reduce, Re-use, Recycle News

The State of Jalisco recently passed a law to phase out single-use plastic and Styrofoam! 
Here are some simple ways you can help promote this new habit during your stay in La Manzanilla:

~Remember to bring your own reusable bags when shopping

~Talk to your friends and neighbors about using reusable, not single-use plastic carry bags

~Bring your own cutlery, plates, and takeout containers

~Pack a few extra reusable cloth bags into your travel luggage to share with friends and neighbors

Many of the local businesses in La Manzanilla are embracing this change, and the 3 largest grocery stores – (Lidia’s, CostaLinda, Alejandra’s at the crucero and La Vaquita Feliz butchershop ) have all posted signs to inform shoppers of the new rules.

Reducing our purchase and use of single-use plastic is the best way to keep this dangerous material out of the waste stream, and out of our beautiful bay.

If you would like further info or to help out please contact
lisafernp@gmail.com, 315-100-9777

Thanks to everyone for your support!

copied from a post from the La Manzanilla Messageboard