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Willa came to La Manzanilla and dumped lots of water!

La Manzanilla got a taste of hurricane Willa last week. She blow into town and dumped a significant amount of water, up to 24 inches. The river to the south of town and the mangrove to the north both broke free and flowed into the bay. Water backed up along the main street and the main square was also flooded. Everyone took it in stride and in a day or so everything had dried out. We still have another month of hurricane season in the pacific so everyone is holding tight and hoping the next few weeks don’t bring any nasty surprises. Good news is Las Joyas will be especially beautiful and full of water.

If you missed the Facebook posts here are few photos.

photo credit Roberto Maldonado Espejo

Photo credit Paul Zúñiga

photo credit Katie Hunter

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See you soon!